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Networking & Research

Networking and Research are important parts of the development of each of the other four areas. Internationally Marina Prins is part of the Global Member Care Network (GMCN) of the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance. She also serves as consultant to the MANI Member Care Network.

Member Care Southern Africa develops material as the need arises. Marina Prins and Braam Willemse, founders of Member Care Southern Africa, are the authors of the book: Member Care for Missionaries: A Practical Guide for Senders that was published in 2002 (reprinted in 2009). Braam Willemse passed away due to cancer shortly before the book was finalised. The book is used as workshop material when Member Care workshops are presented. The book is based on thorough research, practical experience gained from the presentation of workshops at sending churches as well as the practical field experience of both authors who served as missionaries in Malawi for some years. The book is available in English and Afrikaans.

Marina Prins also completed her MA in Member Care in 2017 through Redcliffe College (now part of All Nations Christian College) in the United Kingdom. Her research was focused on the Member Care needs of Malawian missionaries.